Information Security Consulting
In business, information has long been held out as a critical factor for success. Businesses which apply technology to help manage information can better serve customers. Businesses that embrace technology maintain an advantage over their competitors. With sound policy advice on complex security issues, your organization can stay ahead of the ever increasing threat of attacks. In addition, with simple, easy to understand language, comprehensive security training can be initiated for even the most novice of users.

Whether your organization is expanding into new markets or seeking to secure its current market position, research into the latest product technologies, service approaches, and emerging trends is crucial  in today's competitive world. Preliminary and detailed literature reviews of specialized topic domains can be promptly provided. Patent and patent applications on a global scale can be searched through to develop an in-depth examination of their claims, processes, and relative relationships with competing patents, products and technologies.

Speaking Engagements 
With more and more of the world's economic infrastructure relying on information technology, the importance of security can never be overstated. Through the dissemination of security issues and related current events, it is my hope that an increased awareness of the vulnerabilities, responsive developmental efforts, and existing solutions can be provided to key individuals and organizations.

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